Diana – The Musical [CANCELLED] at Longacre Theatre

Diana - The Musical [CANCELLED] Tickets

Longacre Theatre | New York, New York

For spring, 2022 is A modern classic, the story of a young Lady Spencer becoming the most famous woman in the world, will be on broadway! Fans have taken to the internet to express their love for the new musical and the press have given some impressive reviews all round! Do you want to see what all the fuss is about this March? Head down to the second to none Longacre Theatre, Manhattan, New York – the finest theatre in state, on Tuesday 8th March 2022! And be sure to purchase your tickets early! If you want to avoid disappointment then all you have to do is, scroll up to the 'get tickets' button on this page!

Diana - The Musical [CANCELLED] at Longacre Theatre

‘Simply Breathe’. Sung with an astonishing depth of emotion by the musical’s hottest performer, Jeanna de Waal, the number portrays Diana’s real sense of suffocation over her crumbling marriage and the emotionlessness of the royal family, and offers a welcome glimpse into her inner life. If you want to experience all of this, then come down to the Longacre Theatre in Manhattan and catch a true classic that you are certain to love!

Diana - The Musical [CANCELLED] at Longacre Theatre

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