Diana – The Musical [CANCELLED] at Longacre Theatre

Diana - The Musical [CANCELLED] Tickets

Longacre Theatre | New York, New York

Treat the family to a wonderful production in spring, 2022? It's now come to everybody's knowledge that Diana – The Musical [CANCELLED] is once again back touring the states for May and will be playing the performance at the unsurpassed and the unrivalled theatre for miles around, Longacre Theatre, Manhattan, New York! The perfect spot to relax! Ofcourse you need to be at this musical evening, so do not get in a kerfuffle searching for tickets, with ease follow the link on this page to purchase some now! This could be your only chance!

Diana - The Musical [CANCELLED] at Longacre Theatre

The performance is a tribute to the incredible Princess Diana, and touches upon important events throughout her life. Despite being under the watchful eye of the royal family, Princess Diana’s courageous actions defied tradition and expectation. Although the performance is set in England, the play seems influenced by American culture, with the Queen’s character even dropping an F-bomb! Diana’s legacy lives on even to this day; what’s more relevant now with the bold Meghan Markle questioning and defying an age-old system. Why not come and see this incredible journey at the illustrious Longacre Theatre in New York?

Diana - The Musical [CANCELLED] at Longacre Theatre

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