Macbeth – Play at Longacre Theatre

Macbeth - Play Tickets

Longacre Theatre | New York, New York

A mammoth new broadway for summer, 2022! Macbeth – Play is BACK touring the US, Tickets are now on sale and this is your chance to take advantage! On Thursday 2nd June 2022, from the comfort of the affluent and excellent Longacre Theatre, Manhattan, New York, easily the top theatre in the whole area and perfect for such a renowned and prominent broadway show! You will witness the most exciting show of the year right in front of your eyes! If you want to book a gift for the whole clan this June Macbeth – Play is your man, press get tickets, it's really simple!

Macbeth - Play at Longacre Theatre

Broadway shows come a'plenty – not like this though… Macbeth – Play is BACK! It's 2022 and there are a few surprises in store! There is a cast that any world class broadway show would be proud of, some exceptional writing, and effects that'll have your mouth wide open! Critics have said this is nothing short of impressive or in the words of The New York Times 'the premier broadway production of the summer'! Playing at the incredible Longacre Theatre, Manhattan this June, known for it's large capacity for high end productions like this one, it's also in the perfect position, with near by major transportation. Stick Thursday 2nd June 2022 in the diary, because Macbeth – Play will no doubt be another box office smash hit, so don't leave it too late to book, simply click the 'get tickets' link to buy yours now! It'll be the highlight of your summer!

Macbeth - Play at Longacre Theatre

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